March 20 - 21, 2024

Doctors, Dentists, Executives, Business Owners...


15 All-Star CPAs, Tax Attorneys and

Experts Reveal Their Secrets to Save on

Taxes, Build Wealth Faster and

Create Financial Freedom so You Can Retire on Your Terms!

There are 74,608 pages In the tax code and only

around 50 of them talk about paying taxes.

The rest are how to AVOID them! The tax code is

literally a ROAD MAP to building Wealth!

Professionals and Entrepreneurs

The ULTRA-wealthy aren’t handing 25%-50% of their hard-earned money over to the government. They keep It, invest it, and COMPOUND It! We are all playing the same money game, just not by the same set of rules.

Let’s level the playing field!


For those who don’t know me...

My name is Courtney Moeller and helping professionals offset W2 income and capital gains is my superpower. I am second generation oil and gas and love strategizing around wealth, income and investments.

What Is the Advanced Tax Strategy Summit All About?

It’s about YOU keeping more of your hard-earned money so you can

  • Maximize your savings and retire on YOUR terms

  • Learn a tax-free retirement strategy

  • Compound your wealth and create a legacy for your family​

  • Create multiple streams of income and learn how to pass them to your heirs, tax-free

  • Truly realize financial freedom and time freedom regardless of the state of the economy

We Created This Summit With ONE Goal In Mind…

We Want to Give You Actionable Items that You Can Incorporate Into Your Wealth Strategy That Will Move the Needle in a BIG Way!

Here are Just a few Things you’ll Learn when you Attend:

  • Planning Your Financial Roadmap

  • Mega Roth - How to Make a Million Tax-Free​

  • Retain your wealth and access to capital, regardless of the economic environment​

  • Blindsided! You thought your assets were protected and you never saw it coming!

  • Own an LLC, Corp, or LP? A new law WILL turn this oversight into a financial, FELONY nightmare — with daily fines of $500 and up to 2 years in prison...

  • Tax strategies for high-income earners

  • Win the money game! Build wealth and keep it for generations - tax-free the way the 1% have been doing it for decades

  • Family Limited Partnerships

  • Your business' value and preparing it for succession

All FREE when You Attend Advanced Tax Strategy Summit!

How Can YOU Get Access to These
Industry Leading Secrets?

15 Rockstar Leading

Speakers Including...

Mark Kohler - KKOS Lawyers

-Mega Roth - How to Make a Million, Tax Free!

Mark J. Kohler MPRA, CPA, JD is the Founding and Senior Partner at KKOS Lawyers, specializing in tax, legal, wealth, estate, and asset protection, and Chief Financial Officer and board member of Directed IRA Trust Company with $2B+ in managed assets. He’s the best-selling author of four books, a national speaker, and most recently founded the Main Street Certified Tax Advisor Program. The MSCTA program trains thousands of CPAs and Enrolled Agents on Kohler’s proven strategies, effectively changing the lives of millions of small business owners in America.

Mat Sorensen - KKOS Lawyers

-Tax Planning Unleashed

Mat Sorensen is a wealth lawyer, financial coach, and Award Winning Entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Directed IRA by Directed Trust Company, the fastest growing self-directed IRA provider with 15,000 accounts and over $1.5B in assets. Mat is also co-managing partner of KKOS Lawyers, a business and tax law firm dedicated to business owners and investors. He is the best-selling author of The Self-Directed IRA Handbook and is the foremost authority on using IRAs and 401ks to invest in real estate and alternative assets. Mat co-hosts two podcasts, the Main Street Business Podcast and the Directed IRA Podcast which have over 2.5M downloads.

Courtney Moeller

-Tax Benefits of Oil and Gas

Courtney is an Amazon #1 best-selling author, US Navy Veteran, international speaker, entrepreneur and blockchain expert. Her ventures include investments in oil and gas, real estate, Bitcoin mining and blockchain technologies. She helps professionals with retirement concerns and tax problems not only retain more of their hard-earned money but also create new income streams through alternative investment options so they can feel confident in their wealth plan.

Thomas Castelli - Hall CPA

-Tax Strategies for High Income Earners

Thomas is a Tax Strategist and investor who helps real estate


investors keep more of their hard-earned dollars in their pockets and out of the government's. Over his tax career, he has worked 1-1 with 100+ investors to help them reduce their tax bills.

Damion Lupo


Financial Mentor and host of Financial Underdogs Podcast.

Creator of Black Belt Wealth. Best selling author in personal finance. Rewriting the rules and plan for retirement.

Damion's mission is to Free 1 Million from Financial Bondage and inspire a transparent conversation around money and investing for your retirement. Together my team and I are building a community of self-reliant, self-responsible people dedicated to financial freedom.

Harry Barth - Barth Calderon Attorneys

-Asset Protection & Corporate Transparency Act

Harry Barth is the Founder and Senior Managing Partner for Barth Calderon, LLP and is the co-author of the book, Planning Today For All Your Tomorrows. He is a nationally recognized speaker on estate, business and asset protection planning to many incredible organizations across the country.

Matt Brown

-Reel Dividends and Deductions

Matt Brown is the CEO of Reel Finance, a company risking the film and tv market while providing accredited investors opportunities into Intellectual Property from the third largest content library in comics and graphic novels. His experience in VC focused on merging strategic partnerships among investment companies, global business partners and clients. Expertise in tax mitigation strategies, investment tax consultancy, real estate, film finance and media.

David Zapata - Factum Financial

-Business Value and Succession

In private banking, I have found a playground that connects my intellectual gifts with the process of bringing certainty into my world. I am passionate about life insurance as an instrument for business owners to keep savings in the magnitude in which they earn income. I work best and happiest in relationships of deep connection. I feel truly successful when I offer my expertise in my creative partnerships with my clients. I am a husband and a father. As a family, we use our private banking system to fund our daily lifestyle and create our legacy.

Kyle Fuller - Factum Financial

-Win the Money Game

Kyle Fuller started in life insurance in 2013, but was overcome by the power of Infinite Banking the following year and has been practicing IBC ever since.

Kyle was blessed with the heart of a teacher, which prompted him to share his knowledge of Infinite Banking with people who want to harness every dollar for its maximum potential and live with ultimate financial freedom.

Robin Binkley - Real Equity IP

-Planning Your Financial Roadmap

Robin Binkley is the Co-Founder of Real Equity Investment Partners. Robin has experience with Single Family Homes, Multifamily Syndication, International Acquisitions, Developments, and other Assets that provide both passive income and tax strategies. Today, Robin is a Professional Real Estate Investor and assists others learning about Financial Education, Money Management, and Goal Setting.

Michael Uadiale - Smeed CPA

-Planning Your Financial Roadmap

We help entrepreneurs plan their wealth strategy, reduce taxes yearly and become financially free within 5- 7 years.

We will show you how to develop your own clear specific plan of actions to build passive wealth that suit you and not what someone on Wall Street tells you to do. We then develop a tax strategy for permanently reducing taxes based on your wealth strategy.

Dan Kryzanowski

-Delaware Statutory Trust (DST)

Dan Kryzanowski is a registered representative of BV Securities in Dallas, TX and an active real estate advisor, investor, and partner. He has raised millions of dollars across multiple channels, while empowering fellow accredited investors to benefit from tax-advantaged investing products, including the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST), an investment option for 1031 exchangers. Dan, a native of Scranton, PA, lives with his wife and son in Austin.

Keith Blackborg

-Don't miss the key transition most business owners miss: a transition to Wealth as THE Business.

Keith Blackborg, CPA, a proud father, husband, wealth optimizer, and tax strategist, made wealth THE business and reached “Work Optional” by age 30. Keith loves creative value-add investments. His experience includes domestic and international investments, including residential and commercial real estate, oil & gas, lending, startups, businesses, and paper assets.

Patrick Grimes

-1031 Exchanges & UBIT Blocking

Since 2007, Patrick has actively invested in real estate, focusing mainly on distressed assets, renovating, and stabilizing for long-term cash flow. His $600+M portfolio includes about 5,000 units in multifamily apartment communities in emerging markets across Texas and the southeastern United States. In 2022, his company, Invest on Main Street, diversified into a $200M diversified energy portfolio consisting of 155 natural gas & oil wells in nine locations across five states.

Brett Swarts

-Deferred Sales Trust

Brett Swarts, is an entrepreneur, Founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions where he serves as a Deferred Sales Trust Trustee. He is an Author of Amazon #1 best seller and SUCCESS® Certified Coach. He brings a unique approach to exit planning using the DST, real estate investment and wealth management. As the founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, he leads a dedicated team in helping a wide range of clients create and preserve wealth through strategic real estate, securities and business investments.

WOW! What a Powerful Lineup!

Join us for this much anticipated Summit, exclusively designed for professionals eager to master the art of tax optimization and strategy with experts who have kept millions of dollars in their client’s pockets!

What would your life look like if you kept more of your money? I want you to be able to take that much needed vacation or pay for your kids college. Really, I just want to help move the needle for you in a BIG way! And I can’t wait to hear about the impact these strategies will have on you and your business!

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